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 Anithraclya GM App.

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PostSubject: Anithraclya GM App.   Thu Apr 07, 2011 7:02 am

In-Game Name:Anithraclya


Time Zone: +1 GMT

Languages spoken:Egypt ( fluently ) , Arabic, Little French

Activity Time:5 hours per day, in my own time zone is from 7 pm to 12 pm.
(NOTE: Show the time-range that you'll play, in your own time-zone.)

What I can do for the server:i will inviteplayers to Sick Gunz, i will ban the hackers / spammers /glitchers/ i will help players with game issues,i will be friendly and nice with them to earn there respect,i will help players with everything that goes to Sick Gunz,im gm 3 times ( Lost gunz , Famouz gunz , 360gunz )

Why I should be hired:because im active and nice person who dont ego or rage,im funny and kind i like helping people with their problems and game issues.

Thanks for taking your time in reading my application.
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Anithraclya GM App.
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